In July of 2004, we went on an expedition to Svalbard, Norway, to see the polar bears.

Svalbard is a relatively small island, far North of the main land part of Norway. It is only 600 miles South of the North Pole, and just South of the permanent Arctic ice pack. It is mostly snow, ice, and rock, even in the Summer; with very few inhabitants.

Svalbard is also home to the polar bear, the worlds largest terestrial carnivore. The polar bear is truly king of this region. Unlike other bears, winter is an active feeding time.

We journed to Svabard with Joesph Van Os Photo Expeditions to find this magnificant creature and get a chance to observe it in it's natural environment. Along with polar bears, we saw walrus, seals, and many kinds of birds.

This video is a short trailer of the fulll video, which is a documentary of our exploits searching for the king of the frozen North.

This video is short version of the DVD which is still in production and should be done in the Summer of 2005.

Best Quality is available using Quicktime 6 or better. Use Small Movie for older versions.
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Expedition to Svalbard, Norway