In November of 2004, we travelled from Tahiti to Fiji.

Our journey started in French Polynesia and went through the Cook Islands, Tonga, the Territoory of Wallis and Futuna, and ended in Fiji. Along the way we saw many different peoples and cultures. Although, all of the these islands were originally inhabited be the Polynesians, their way of life of eash has diverged because of available resources, religious conversions, and external politics. The external politics originally had to do with who was warring on who and now is the influence of external governments.

We got a very special treat with an opportunity to snorkel with humpback whales. An experience of a life time.

This video is a short trailer of the fulll video, which is a documentary of our adventures traveling through these islands

The full video DVD is now available. If you would like a copy, contact us.

Video requires Quicktime 7 or better. You can download a free update here.
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A South Sea Odyssey